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your tattoo says โ€˜only god can judge meโ€™ yet here i am

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RHADS - Infinite Dreams [via]


Amazing Illustrations by Artist Chiara Bautista

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Chiara Butista aka MILK is an enigmatic artist from Tucson, Arizona. Her work is insanely detailed and appears to be riddled with symbolism. Many of her subjects, which sport antlers or tentacles, are captured in chaotic, angst-ridden moments which are balanced perfectly by femininely decorated backgrounds and cartoonish animal friends. You could scour these images for hours and still find new details every time you revisit them. His work is rich with symbolism inspired cephalopods,ย falling planes, deer, piercing arrows, wounds,ย  teddy bears and drugs which may be as much a symbol for obsessive love.

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Landscapes, 2014ย | byย Anthony Samaniego
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